Frequently Asked Questions (On Campus Students)

Does the tuition include room and board expenses?

No. All students living on campus do 8 to 16 hours a week of volunteer work  to cover room and board expenses thus lowering the cost of expenses and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Do I have to work or can I pay my room and board?

Students living on campus are required to do 8 to 16 hours of volunteer work a week to cover their room and board. If they choose to live off campus they are not required to work for room and board.

Are books included in the cost of tutition?

No. Book costs are relatively low and all required textbooks can be purchased on-campus at the Wildwood Bookstore. If a student is unable to pay for books in cash, the cost may be billed to the student’s account, which can be paid off by extra work hours or in cash at a future date, prior to departure.

How hard are the classes?

The classes vary in difficulty, but many students have found that they are able to pass the course without major difficulty as long as they apply themselves to their coursework.

What kind of work will I do?

There are various work opportunities available: construction, cooking, maintenance, housekeeping, nurse’s station, clinic, various positions in the country store, etc.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, the dorms have space for two persons per room.

What do I need to bring?

The student should bring his or her own toiletries, bedding and pillow for a twin bed, Bible, flashlight, umbrella and rain gear, appropriate clothing for hot and cold weather, desk lamp, shoes for hiking and rainy, sometimes muddy days, etc. A few items that will be helpful are camping gear but mostly a sleeping bag.

What are the job opportunities after I finish the course?

Wildwood is affiliated with a few hundred ministries worldwide. Trained gospel medical missionaries are in great need. Currently we have needs in Portugal, Philippines, Brazil, and many other locations. Please take a look at our job opportunities’ page.

Are there work opportunities in Wildwood after I finish the course?

There may be work opportunities here in different areas of our institution. Once you have finished the course, those options can be further explored.

By when do I have to have my application sent in?

If you are applying for the course that begins in January, we ask that you to send in your application by September. If you are applying for the course that begins in July, we ask that you to send in your application by March.

If I send in an application does it mean I automatically get accepted?

Once all application requirements are received, an acceptance committee processes the applications. Through much prayer and consideration, they evaluate each application and then choose the ones who would best fit in our program and meet the qualifications. We will notify you, once the application has gone through the committee, on whether you have been accepted.

Do you accept foreign students?

We do accept foreign students, although due to tighter immigration restrictions we may not be able to process a visa for them. For foreign students we require them to have a command of the English language and to meet all the other qualifications.

Do you accept couples, couples with children, or single parents?

Due to limited housing (there are a few spaces for couples without children), most need to make arrangements to live off-campus and for the care of children.

Upon completing the course and receiving the certificate, what can I do with what I have learned?

This course will enrich and better equip you to fulfill whatever type of ministry God has called you engage in, whether it be a Bible worker, preacher, teacher, colporter, nurse, or doctor. All will find out for themselves why medical missionary work is called the “right arm of the Gospel” as they see the results when the methods learned are put into practice. Many medical missionary opportunities are available worldwide. You may want to check out these websites: and

What happened to the Institute of Medical Ministry (IMM) training program?

Unfortunately the IMM program has been integrated into the Lifestyle Counselor course and does not exist as a separate entity anymore.

What can I find out more about the online course?

You can learn more about the online course by clicking here.