Health Evangelism Online

Experience medical missionary training at your own pace. Health evangelism online provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to those who are unable to take the on campus training.

HE Online offers all classes on video and audio, extensive research material, and professional assistance by email and telephone. Obtain hands on training by holding your own cooking classes, giving health talks at your local church, and participating in health expos.

  • Work as a Health Evangelist for a local church.
  • Work with a LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training) Ministry around the world.
  • Teach in medical missionary schools.
  • Be a self employed health educator.
  • And so much more!

From Our Students

What you’ll learn

Christian Growth

Learn the basics of what it means to be a vibrant christian connected to Jesus through inspiring classes like: The Plan of Salvation, The Sanctuary, Daniel, Last Day Events and So much more!

Christian Ministry

The purpose of a business is to solve a specific problem. Whether it’s the problem of needing your oil changed or providing food for your family without having to travel miles away from your house, businesses are meant to fill such needs. What if we channel the problem solving power of business to the world’s greatest problem: The communication of the Gospel to people who have never heard? In this module you’ll learn the Biblical History of Self Supporting Work, God’s perspective on Christian Administration and Leadership and New Models of evangelism in Entrepreneurial Evangelism.

Health Science

Everyday there are so many news articles or videos claiming to have some new cure medicine all or panacea with regard to heath. How can we know what’s true or false? The health science module is all about understanding how and why things work. With classes like Lifestyle Physiology, Mental Health, Disease and Treatment, and Nutrition you’ll be getting the foundation of how the body works and how to keep it working well.

Applied Health

It’s easy to talk about theories and ideas to the neglect of their practical implications and applications. The Applied Health Module focuses on synthesizing the information learned in other modules and putting them into practical health evangelistic activities. Classes include: Health Expo Training, Vegetarian Cooking, Massage, Hydrotherapy and much more!

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