Health Evangelism Online

The Online Course of Health Evangelism trains you to become an effective medical missionary. It provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to those who are unable to train on campus. You can take the course at your own pace.

The Online Course offers classes on video and audio which were recorded on campus during a whole semester. It also provides extensive research material, and assistance by email and telephone. Obtain hands on training by holding your own cooking classes, giving health talks at your local church, and participating in health expos.

  • Work as a Health Evangelist for a local church.
  • Work with a LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training) Ministry around the world.
  • Teach in medical missionary schools.
  • Be a self employed health educator.
  • And so much more!

Classes in the Health Evangelism Online Course

Health Classes

Lifestyle Physiology

In lifestyle physiology you will receive an overview of the various cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body, how they work, and what lifestyle factors decrease and increase their health and efficiency. The aim of this class is to give each student an appreciation for the creative power and wisdom of God and a basic working knowledge of the human body.


The student studies the contributions of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and the major vitamins and minerals. The health advantages and possible deficiencies of a vegetarian diet are explored. When to use supplements and how to achieve a good nutritionally balanced diet are also studied.


Hydrotherapy is the branch of physical therapy that uses water-based treatments for disease and trauma. This course describes the therapeutic effects of water treatments and the indications, physiologic effects, contraindications, and procedures of 18 of the most common hydrotherapy treatments. Students will practice on each other.


  • Students will know the indications, physiological effects, and contraindication of the most common hydrotherapy treatments.
  • They will be proficient in giving these treatments in a home setting.

Exclusive CHE Resource: Our new book, Hydrotherapy for Health & Healing, provides scientific documentation regarding hydrotherapy, heliotherapy, charcoal, herb ethics, and natural remedies for influenza, insomnia, and fibromyalgia. Specific emphasis is given on how hydrotherapy affects the skin and the circulatory system and what lifestyle practices improve or compromise the effectiveness of hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy procedures are described simply and in detail.

Disease Protection 1 & 2

This course introduces the student to common diseases and disease processes: inflammation, anemia, arthritis, atherosclerosis, cancer, cognitive decline, diabetes, diarrhea, hypertension, influenza, hepatitis, HIV and Aids, and Sexual Transmitted Diseases. Causes, risk factors, basic disease processes, and appropriate applications of natural remedies in their prevention and treatment are discussed.

Objectives: The sudent will be able to:

  • verbalize the definition, risk factors, preventive measures, and appropriate use of natural remedies for common degenerative diseases
  • express understanding of common infectious diseases, the definition, risk factors, and appropriate applications of natural remedies in their prevention and treatment

Exclusive CHE Resources: Your 238 page CHE Syllabus for Common Diseases includes 25 pages of numbered references validating how lifestyle practices and natural remedies can help to prevent and treat disease. A companion e-book, Disease Protection, includes chapters that contain additional information and topics.

Mental Health

This Biblical-based course describes how the mind works, the laws governing mental health, stress management, thought processes, interpersonal communication skills, and forgiveness.

Health Talks

The student will learn how to prepare brief health talks and present them in a way that will be interesting and informative to the public. Each student will give two short talks with visuals to teenagers in the public school system of Chattanooga and/or in a church setting.


The course covers the anatomy of skeletal muscles, the indications, benefits, and contraindications of therapeutic massage. Students will learn the procedure of Swedish massage. In this course students receive instruction on how to apply the foundational Swedish massage modality. Such techniques include effleurage, gliding, stretching, jostling, shaking, rocking, petrissage, kneading, compression, friction, tapotement, percussion, and vibration.

Total Vegetarian Cooking

Learn the art and science of making delicious vegetarian dishes.

Elective Health Classes

Herbal Remedies

Learn the about the healing properties of herbs, the indications, and contraindications, how to make herbal salve, herbal soap, and charcoal poultices. The class also includes a contrast between true and false healing claims of herbal remedies.

Mission Medicine

Basic home-nursing and first-aid.

Principles of Motivation and Depression Recovery

Learn how to strengthen your willpower and motivation. Learn the principles of and the science behind depression recovery.

Disease Protection 3

In this class, learn how to prevent chronic diseases that have not been previously covered in our two previous disease protection course. Study the natural treatment for peptic ulcers, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, gout, gluten sensitivity, allergies, asthma, and auto-immune. Based upon scientific literature. References included.

Spiritual Classes

Plan of Salvation

This course is designed to help develop the true principles of Christ in the life of the students and prepare them to lead others to the Kingdom through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry of Healing

Study the life of the great Physician as He mingled among men. Learn His methods of soul-winning as recorded in that beautiful masterpiece by Ellen White, “The Ministry of Healing.” Through a contextual study of this book, learn to use the right arm of the gospel to reach all classes of people.

Christian Growth Dynamics

Learn the how to keep your Christian experience alive and explore the principles of how to study the Bible.

Christian Home

A thorough discussion is given to the principled guidelines as revealed in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding steps toward courtship, marriage, and a happy home.

Christian Living

This class uses the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to reveal God’s plan for a happy, thriving walk with Him. It exposes the devices that Satan uses to weaken God’s people especially in these last days. Practical topics for study and discussion include: the prayer life, how to know God’s will, recreation, social life, music & worship, diet, dress, and stewardship.

Personal Evangelism

This short class covers the “how to” of personal evangelism. You will learn the cycle of harvest, how to initiate conversations, how to prepare Bible studies, how to answer objections, and encourage decision.

Philosophy of Missions

Study the comprehensive blueprint of our calling as individuals and as a remnant people. How do we strategically finish the work of God on this earth in this generation? Find out the real understanding of, “every church member a medical missionary”.

Prophetic Guidance

This is an investigation of the role of the gift of prophecy as demonstrated in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. Emphasis will be given to her role in the development of the SDA church, and the miracles that testify to her work.

Sanctuary Studies

The importance and uniqueness of the Sanctuary Message to the SDA church is taught. It includes a study of the work of Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary and how it applies to Christian life today.

True Education

Discuss God’s plan of education. See its preservation throughout history and contrast it with the world’s system of education. Discover the dynamic relationship of education and redemption, while illustrating ways and means by which Christian principles may pervade every facet of education.

Health Evangelism

Learn the role of the health message as an entering wedge for public and personal evangelism, endeavoring to pattern after Christ’s method of reaching souls. Practicum includes helping in several health expos.

God’s Healing Program

This class surveys God’s original plan for mankind, how sin corrupted it, and the heavenly plan for restoration of body, mind, and spirit. Included will be a discussion on distinguishing between true and false remedies from both revelation and science.


This is a careful study of the prophetic book of Daniel covering its fulfillment in history. Special emphasis is placed on the prophetic heritage which stands behind the origin and purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist church. This class explores the prophecies related to current and soon coming events, drawing out lessons that will help us prepare for these last days.

Last-day Events

Understand and be prepared for the final events of Earth’s history.

Elective Spiritual Classes

Meeting God's Heart Needs

We love it when God meets our heart-felt needs, but do we meet His heart-felt needs for us? Learn about God’s exclusive love for you. See the love of God for you in a whole new way – from His perspective – how He created you to meet His heart need. This is a concept that can revolutionize your understanding of righteousness by faith and what true religion and worship really mean.

The Certainties

The course will answer “How Can I Have Assurance in my Christian Walk?” and centers on the practical aspects of righteousness by faith.

How to Solve Problems

Explore the God’s principles for finding solutions and maintaining balance in one’s life.

Navigating through Life’s Tough Challenges

Learn the principles of stress management and what lifestyle remedies can reduce or nullify the detrimental effects of stress. Explore and be able to share practical, Biblical applications for coping successfully with life’s trials, disappointments, pain, and limitations.

Business Evangelism

Learn how you can influence souls for the kingdom of God through your business.

Summer One-Week Intensive

Massage and Hydrotherapy

Learn the science behind hydrotherapy and massage. Get hands-on experience in some really effective and low-cost treatments.

  • If you plan to come to the 1-week intensive of Massage and Hydrotherapy practice, you will need to take the theory classes first for Hydrotherapy and Massage. If you have already taken the theory classes in one of the modules, you’re fine. Otherwise, they will be provided for you as a package, upon payment.
  • If you are a current Health Evangelism student, these theory classes are included in the Applied Health Module. If you are not enrolled in that particular module, and you pay for the intensive week theory package, the fee for the theory classes package will be deducted from the Applied Health Module.
  • Date: June 25-30 2017 

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