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Hydrotherapy and Massage Training

Get hands-on training in hydrotherapy and massage from our experienced instructors at Wildwood Lifestyle Center in a week-long training, and receive your certificates of completion*.

The registration fee includes room and board (three plant-based meals per day), materials, and transportation from Chattanooga, TN to our campus.

Note: Completion of the theoretical hydrotherapy and massage classes as part of the Health Evangelism Online course is required for attendance. Are you not enrolled in our online course? You can then add the “theoretical classes package” to your application below and still attend. This will give you a 6-month access to these theoretical classes. For further questions you can go here or email us at

We hope to see you there!

*To obtain the Hydrotherapy & Massage certificates of completion, the student must have participated in the practical Hydrotherapy & Massage Intensive week, and must satisfactorily have completed theoretical hydrotherapy and massage online classes as well as physiology and all principal classes (Christian Living, Christian Home, True Education, Finishing the Work, Prophetic Guidance, and Principles of Health and Healing).

**Cancellation refunds will be extended until May 15th. All refunds will be deducted a $85 enrollment fee.


Dates: June 18 to 24

Registration: $600

Early bird discount: $575
before March 31st

Rush fee: $650
after May 31st

The intensive week program is now full. If you would like to be on our waiting list we can let you know if a spot becomes available. Please fill the form below or contact us at

Note: Priority is given to payment first

This is a waiting list, filling this form out does not guarantee a spot on this year’s intensive week. If you pay and we are not able to provide a spot for you this year you can:

  1. Have full refund on your payment or
  2. Reserve your spot for next year intensive week (June 23 to 29 2024)
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Intensive Week - Waiting List: $600.00


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Health Evangelism Online Full Course

Ready to finish your online Health Evangelism course? Sign up today to get the practicum classes during the intensive week.