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Lifestyle Coaching Course

Walk side by side with your patients as you coach them to better health. The Lifestyle Coaching course follows up on the Health Evangelism course, teaching you the art of personal ministry in the medical missionary work.

Please be aware that this is an advanced course. Completion of the six-month Health Evangelism course, it’s equivalent from an affiliated institution or the Essentials of Health Evangelism course by LIGHT is required.

“The Lifestyle Coaching course has changed my life. The knowledge that I gained during the classes has really helped me grow, both mentally and spiritually. It has prepared me to become a better worker for God.”

Daniela Rosas, Lifestyle Coaching graduate

Upcoming Sessions

On-campus spring session:
Starts July 2024
The Application Deadline is March 13, 2024

For International Students: Check with your local US consulate to check appointment availability before proceeding with the application.

One month mission trip (optional) after each course, anywhere in the world (depending on the needs).

What Will You Learn


Manage a Health Ministry

Get acquainted with all the dynamics of entrepreneurship and Christian management, so that you can start and run a successful health ministry.


Health Science

A health ministry demands an understanding of the health message itself. Dive deep into natural remedies, herbs, nutrition, physiology, mental health, and so much more. Get advanced knowledge as you continue the journey you started in the Health Evangelism course.


Coaching and Health Education

Look into the beautiful ministry of coaching a patient as he steps toward better health. Know the difference between coaching and education. Understand when which one is necessary in personal ministry. Look at education itself as a witnessing tool well by learning what it takes to start a mission school.

Lifestyle Coaching Prepares You To

Work as a lifestyle coach at a lifestyle center, medical clinic, or health retreat, or take a managerial position at a lifestyle center.

Serve at any LIGHT ministry around the world.

Develop and manage health programs for self-supporting ministries.

Start your own lifestyle coaching business or health city mission.

Course Curriculum


Christian Coaching
  • Understand what the Bible says about personal ministry and coaching.
  • Read through Christian literature to deepen your understanding of coaching.
  • Get trained in an evidence-based motivational interview approach to help your patients reach their personal goals.
Lifestyle Coaching
Combine God’s eight laws of health as found in the NEWSTART acronym along with the basic principles of health science. Learn how this combination empowers you to help your patient start his journey to a better health.

Health Education

Reading Literature
Analyze and evaluate scientific literature regarding lifestyle coaching and natural remedies. It is crucial for a lifestyle coach to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific information, so that the highest quality of ministry can always be guaranteed.
Educational Development
  • Curriculum development
  • Student recruitment
  • Teacher development
  • Principles and implications of finances
Fitness Program
Physical exercise is key to maintaining optimal health, both physically and mentally. Experience exercise for yourself and understand what effect it has on your mind and body.


Christian Leadership (Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, and Jesus)
  • Servant leadership
  • Time management
  • Board management/Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Decision making
  • Mentoring
  • Top ten leadership mistakes
  • Understand the history and importance of how Adventists interpret the Bible.
  • Understand sound Biblical methods to interpret inspired writings.
  • Understand the nature of the historical-critical method.
  • Learn how to study the Bible, letting Scripture explain itself.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult texts in Scripture.
  • We will look at the question of objective, absolute truth and its importance in the context of a pluralistic worldview.
  • Understand the different dynamics that are part of interacting with non-Adventists and atheists.
  • Learn to defend by reason and in a way that benefits the Biblical Adventist faith.
  • Understand the Biblical/Hebrew mentality (the mind of Christ).
  • Experience the beauty and depth of Mosaic writings.
  • Go deep into the nature and beauty of the law, the character of God, and the Biblical sanctuary.
  • Understand the big picture of the history of Israel.
Seventh-day Adventist History
  • Become acquainted with major events, themes, and developmental stages of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Trace God’s leading in the development of the mission of the Advent movement. Analyze the difficulty of trying to cooperate with fallen humanity in accomplishing this mission.
  • Understand how Seventh-day Adventist history is still relevant and necessary to understand contemporary issues within the church. Receive interpretative tools to understand such issues.
  • Cultivate an awareness of the factors that contribute to spiritual renewal or spiritual decline, both in your personal and corporate life.
Seven Habits of a Christian Leader
This class is a continuation of the Christian Leadership class. We’ll dive deeper into the seven habits of an effective leader, by looking at both the Bible and the world of entrepreneurship. Learn from the mistakes others have made. Know how to make decisions as a successful leader.

Health Science

Sickness and death are part of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Learn about common diseases on one end and God’s health principles on the opposite end. Learn how simple lifestyle changes can bring your patients the healing they seek. Having an understanding of these diseases will prepare you to sympathize with the suffering.
Herbs are not just for cooking. Turn your kitchen into a lab as you discover ways to use herbs and essential oils for healing. Understand which herbs you can pick from the wild and use to treat your patients in the mission field.
Therapeutic Nutrition
Nutrition is key in maintaining optimal health. Discover for yourself which nutrients the human body needs and in what proportions. Using your coaching skills, help your patients make the dietary changes they need for health and healing.
Mental Health
Emotional well-being is just as important as physical fitness. Learn the basics of mental health and the connection between the body and mind. Apply Biblical methods to provide healing for patients struggling with mental illnesses.

Health Ministry Management

Ministry Development
Dive into entrepreneurship by developing your own health ministry. Learn to write a mission statement, team management, legalities, business plan development, fundraising, and so much more.
Lifestyle Center Management
  • Lifestyle program development
  • Guest recruitment
  • Staff development
  • Financial development and implications
Food Service Management
This course explores various functions of management in the food service industry, and encourages a systems approach to food production by integrating menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and delivery in the business model. You’ll also learn to take an exacting, time-tested approach to positive revenue management by leveraging client flow, dining time, table mix, meal duration, and variable pricing.
Advanced Leadership Seminars
  • Seminars and online webinars
  • Field trips
  • Table talk with entrepreneurs who started their own successful health ministries around the world.
City Missions
Use the skills and knowledge you have acquired during class in a real life scenario. During this class you will be doing evangelism in the Chattanooga, TN area, reaching the community with the same methods as Jesus used.


In order to start the Lifestyle Coaching course, you will need to have finished one of the following courses and be able to provide evidence in the form of a certificate of completion: the six-month Health Evangelism course at Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism, the Essentials of Health Evangelism course at LIGHT, or any LIGHT affiliated one-month or six-month course.

If you are in your teenage years, you need to have completed your secondary education before coming to study at Wildwood. The minimum age is 18 years old. Any exception needs to be approved by the Education Committee. The applicant must also be well familiarized with the English language.

Certificate of Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of the Lifestyle Coaching course, and having fully met the financial obligations, the student is awarded with the following certificates of completion:

  • Biblical Lifestyle Coaching
  • Christian Leadership


Every student is required to do an apprenticeship in an assistant-leadership position at one of Wildwood Lifestyle Center’s departments. There is a four time rotation, so that the student gains an experience in a variety of departments.

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Nutrition and diet (nutrition counseling, organizing cooking classes, assisting in dietetics, etc.)
  • Clinic
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Life alignment

Lifestyle Coaching Course

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