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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tuition include room and board expenses?

No, all students living on campus volunteer eight to 16 hours per week to cover room and board expenses, thus lowering the cost of expenses and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

What kind of voluntary work will I do?

There are various voluntary positions available: construction, cooking, maintenance, housekeeping, IT, and many more. Click above on the page of the course you are interested in, and look at the volunteer options at the bottom.

Do you accept foreign students?

Yes, we accept foreign students, although due to growing immigration restrictions we may not be able to process a visa for them. We require foreign students to be proficient in the English language, both verbally as well as written. They also need to meet all the other qualifications. For more information, click on the Admissions page above.

Are books included in the cost of tutition?

No, but book costs are relatively low. All required textbooks can be purchased on campus at the Wildwood Natural Food Market where there is a Christian book section. If a student is unable to pay for his books in cash, the cost may be billed to the student’s account. This can be paid off by volunteering extra hours, or by paying for it in cash later, prior to departure.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, students stay in the boys’ dorm or girls’ dorm. Each room has space for two people.

Do you accept couples, couples with children, or single parents?

There is space for up to three married couples without children in the couples dorm. Due to limited housing, most families or single parents need to make arrangements for off-campus housing, transportation, and child supervision. There is an online Health Evangelism course to cater to the needs of people who can’t study on campus.

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