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Health Evangelism Course

Are you dreaming of becoming a missionary? Jesus in His mission work taught, preached, and healed. Our six-month Health Evangelism course combines all three, with an emphasis on health. This training is designed to give you all the skills you need to go out and reach the world through the health message. As Christian author Ellen G. White once wrote, medical missionary work is the “entering wedge of the gospel (…), and every soul should be filled with the true medical missionary spirit”.

“This course has been extremely informational, but above all it has been character building. I can’t wait to use these simple remedies to share the gospel with my community!”

Karen Purba, Health Evangelism graduate

Upcoming Sessions

On-campus fall session:
Starts June /July 2024
The Application Deadline, EXTENDED MAY  31, 2024

For International Student Applicants: Check with your local US consulate to check appointment availability before proceeding with the application.

Month-long mission trip (optional) after each course, anywhere in the world (depending on the needs).

This course is also available online. Where you can start at any time and study at your own pace.

What Will You Learn


Health Evangelism

  • Use health evangelism to reach the world.
  • Start a community wellness club.
  • Organize a health expo.
  • Teach plant-based vegetarian cooking classes.

Preparation for the Mission Field

  • Learn twelve basic hydrotherapy treatments.
  • Learn swedish massage.
  • Provide first aid, CPR, and basic nursing training for any mission field.
  • Apply the principles of health and healing found in the NEWSTART acronym.
  • Use various natural remedies and herbs for healing.

Christian Growth and Bible Work

  • Do personal and friendship evangelism.
  • Give Bible studies.
  • Identify God’s will for your life.
  • Gain basic understanding of Bible prophecy as understood by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Health Evangelism Prepares You To

Serve as a health evangelist for a local church or conference.

Work with any LIGHT ministry or other mission organizations around the world.

Become a teacher in medical missionary schools.

Minister as a Christian health educator in your community.

Course Curriculum


God’s Healing Program
This class focuses on God’s original plan for mankind when it comes to health, and how sin corrupted it. We will also look at the heavenly plan for restoration of body, mind, and spirit. Last but not least, we will teach you how you can distinguish between true and false remedies and methods of healing, using the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and science.
Anatomy, Physiology, and Lifestyle
Get a solid understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, exploring the effects one’s lifestyle has on the human body when it comes to health and sickness.
Explore the benefits of a plant-based diet. Look into basic nutrients, healthy dietary habits, and the link between one’s diet and diseases. Learn to evaluate and obtain appropriate nutrients from a vegetarian diet for all ages. Discover tools for evaluating fads and avoiding extremes in the area of nutrition. Practically work all of these aspects into a balanced, healthy, and vegetarian weekly menu.
Common Diseases
This class provides a foundational understanding of some of the most common diseases, their signs and symptoms, their relationship to lifestyle habits, and the use of God’s natural remedies in prevention and treatment.
Herbs & Charcoal
This class gives students a fundamental overview of the history and use of herbs. We’ll look at usage for cooking, treatment of common diseases, and natural cosmetics.
Principles of Mental Health
We will look into various mental illnesses and how lifestyle change can help prevent and heal such illnesses. We will also look at what the Bible says about mental health.
Receive solid information on how hydrotherapy affects the human body and how it is vital for good health and healing of physical and mental illnesses. In this class we seek to prepare students to become competent in providing skillful, safe, and appropriate hydrotherapy treatments in a home setting.
Get theoretic instruction in the classroom and practical training at Wildwood Lifestyle Center’s facilities. Learn the benefits of massage, indications, and contraindications. Become skilled in giving an anti-stress chair massage and full body Swedish massage. Discover all the techniques for using massage for healing.
First Aid and Mission Medicine
Providing first aid in a remote mission setting can be difficult. In this class we’ll teach you exactly how to do that safely and effectively. In this class we will also teach you what simple medical treatments you can do yourself during an emergency, and when advanced aid should be sought.

Ministry Development

True Education
The objective of this class is to prepare students to understand the principles of true education from historical examples, such as the Eden school, the children of Israel, and the schools of the prophets. We will look at how these principles established by God may be implemented today.
How to Start a Ministry
Students will be provided with a foundational knowledge for starting their own ministry. We will go into basic Christian administration, sustainability, project management, and more. For a more in-depth study of Christian entrepreneurship, we have an advanced course called Ministry Management.
Finishing the Work
The purpose of this class is to motivate every student to make a solemn, lasting commitment to God. Students will be encouraged to align their life goals with God’s purpose for their lives, and prayerfully look into what kind of ministry God is calling them to be part of.
Organic Gardening
The origin of food is as much part of the health message as is preparing the food. Get hands-on experience in gardening, working with a variety of organic plants. Students will be able to propose various options for sustainable agricultural programs in their own countries, understanding that agriculture is the ABC of industrial education.


Christian Living
In this class we will use the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to discover what a Christian walk looks like. We will also look at the devices Satan uses to weaken God’s people, especially in these last days. Practical topics for study and discussion include: prayer life, how to know God’s will, recreation, social life, music and worship, diet, dress, and stewardship.
Christian Home
A thorough discussion of the guidelines as revealed in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy regarding steps towards courtship, marriage, and a happy Christian home.
Prophetic Guidance
An investigation into the role of the gift of prophecy as seen in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. Emphasis will be given to her role in the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the miracles that testify to her work.
Prophecy Studies

The purpose of this class is to empower students to analyze the prophetic message that is especially relevant for today’s generation. The students will be given tools to share this important message with the world. The class curriculum will be divided into three topics:

  • Analysis of the historical narrative of Daniel, and how its principles can be applied to the end times.
  • Analysis of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Chronological study of the final events as can be found in prophecy.
Sanctuary Studies
In this class we will analyze the importance and uniqueness of the sanctuary message given to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The students will review the role of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary and its relevance for Christians today.
Adventist Beliefs
The purpose of this class is to give the students an understanding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s fundamental beliefs, inspiring them to develop their own identity as a Seventh-Day Adventist.

Integrated Evangelism

Health Talks
Learn how to prepare brief health talks, presenting them to the public in an interesting and informative way. You will give two short talks with visual aid. The last one you will present to teenagers in the public school system.
Health Expo: Adults
This course prepares a student to effectively plan, organize, and conduct a health expo for adults. The student will learn how to follow up with contacts after the health expo. Last but not least, the students will also be given resources on how to train others to plan a health expo.
Health Expo: Kids
This class has a lot of similarities with the Health Expo: Adults class, but the emphasis here is on how to reach children with the gospel, and in the long run their families. These health expos incorporate playing and learning through practical and fun activities.
Children’s Ministry
The objective of this class is prepare the students to build relationships with families that are not of the Seventh-day Adventist faith. At the end of this class the students will be able to come up with solutions for how to reach families by using children’s ministry as a witnessing tool.
Vegetarian Cooking
This course prepares students to prepare simple, healthy, delicious, and attractive recipes that meet the major nutritional needs of the body. Students will also be able to provide healthy alternatives to foods which may be harmful for the body, such as animal products. Learn how to plan and conduct a professional cooking class.
LIGHT Training
This course prepares students to effectively share what they have learned in a cross-cultural setting. They will get trained in giving a condensed three to four week health evangelism training in churches and conferences nationwide.
Integrated Evangelism
Study Christ’s method of reaching people using preaching, teaching, and healing. Learn how to reach people right where they are and guide them on their journey toward a healthier and more abundant life. We will be looking at wellness coaching, awakening spiritual interest, sharing your testimony, preparing and sharing Christ-centered Bible studies, disciplining others in their relationship with Christ, and the cycle of evangelism.
Personal Evangelism
It’s time to set everything aside and focus on just that one individual who is thirsty for Christ. Part of this class is friendship evangelism and learning how to give Bible studies.
Comprehensive Health Ministry
As in the Integrated Evangelism and Personal Evangelism classes, we will look at Christ’s method of reaching the people, but this time we will focus on health and healing.


  • You must have completed your secondary education before coming to study at Wildwood
  • The minimum age is 18 years old
  • The applicant must also be well familiarized with the English language
  • If you are an international student, you must have a valid passport that will last for 2 years from date of application

Certificate of Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of the Health Evangelism course, and having fully met the financial obligations, the student is awarded the following certificates of completion:

  • Health Evangelism
  • Swedish massage
  • Hydrotherapy


Every student is required to volunteer a couple of hours per week at Wildwood Health Institute as part of their curriculum. This will give the student valuable experience and promote physical and mental health. Which department the student will be placed in depends on the needs of the institution.

Examples of departments a student can volunteer at:

  • Housekeeping
  • IT
  • Media
  • Wildwood Natural Food Market
  • Campus Maintenance
  • Lifestyle Maintenance
  • Business office at the lifestyle center
  • LIGHT (not a Wildwood department)
  • Diet Kitchen
  • Student Cafeteria
  • Elderly Care
  • Residence assistance
  • Farm
  • Construction

Health Evangelism Course

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