A Missionary Training Ground

Become a medical missionary in just six months, or study online at your own pace.

Benno Retamal and Amanda Rornel

“Wildwood has helped us realize that we couldn’t spend our time in worldly enterprises. Taking the course also taught us how to blend our talents—which is in dietetics and business administration—to create a chain of natural food stores in Chile.”

Alexandra Lopez

“The classes are really good, but I’d say I’ve really become fond of the physiology class. I never liked sciences before, but the physiology class has been very practical. Wildwood is pretty amazing. Not only is the campus beautiful, but people’s hearts are beautiful.”

Raúl and Neila

“Wildwood was like a fountain in our lives, it’s refreshing water opening our eyes. We finally understood was it meant to be a missionary. Now our business is a ministry, and we are helping many people through it. We couldn’t be happier as we use our talents for God.”

Apply for Admission

Spring 2022 applications are now open.

Since 1942 Wildwood has trained thousands for the mission work worldwide. Will you be part of those who hasten the coming of the Lord?

About The Center for Health Evangelism

CHE is one of the oldest missionary schools in the United States. With teachers from all over the world coming from various industries—with expertise in health evangelism, business evangelism, and personal evangelism—you are in the right place.

Founded by Elder W.D. Frazee, CHE has continued to carry the torch for over 75 years. Students from all over the world come to Wildwood to take its courses on campus (and online), to learn what it takes to be a missionary and hasten the coming of the Lord. We strive for an environment that encourages spiritual and intellectual growth; one that challenges students to give their best for their Master.


Health Evangelism Online

Get online training in community health outreach from the comfort of your own home.

Health Evangelism

Follow the Biblical example of taking care of people’s physical needs to have an opening wedge to take care of their spiritual needs. Follow Jesus’ example in mission work.

Ministry Management

Whether you want to lead or start a business ministry, our course gives you the hands-on experience needed to achieve your goal.

Lifestyle Coaching

Become a lifestyle coach and experience working one-on-one with people who want a better lifestyle.

Upcoming Events

Your time at Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism shouldn’t be just an educational one. We strive to make your time here a life-changing experience, both spiritually and socially. Keep track of any upcoming events here, from on-campus training for online students, to Wildwood Day, AY events, and graduations.

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