Lifestyle Coaching

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To equip competent lifestyle coaches in order to:

  • serve as a health evangelist
  • serve as a lifestyle coach in a lifestyle center
  • serve as a lifestyle coach in doctor’s clinics (AMEN – Adventist Medical Evangelism Network)
  • start their own Biblical lifestyle coaching business
  • serve as a teacher in medical missionary schools
  • serve with any LIGHT ministry around the world (
  • serve with any OCI ministry internationally (


Completion of one of the following programs:

  • Wildwood 6-month Health Evangelism Course or equivalent
  • Any 6-month LIGHT affiliated Health Evangelism Course or
  • Any 1-month LIGHT affiliated Health Evangelism Course PLUS transcripts showing previous course work in health/sciences (to be individually evaluated)


  • Duration: 12 months
  • Starting dates: July 24th 217 and January January 22nd 2018


Upon satisfactory completion of the Lifestyle Coaching Course and having fully met the financial obligations, the student is awarded the following certificates:

  • Biblical Lifestyle Coaching Certificate


Starting in the first semester students rotate through several different lifestyle center departments (such as hydrotherapy, clinic, etc.), depending on availability and their interest, in order to further develop skills and competencies.



The cost is of $4,500.
Upon acceptance, students are required to send a deposit of $450. A student will pay the remaining $4,050 on arrival. 

Missionary Volunteer Program

A very limited number of students are regularly accepted on the Missionary Volunteer Plan. Upon acceptance, Missionary Volunteer Students (MVS) are required to send a $350 deposit. This deposit is refundable up to four weeks before their scheduled arrival. Once a student has completed his missionary volunteer agreement, this deposit will be returned.

MVS work 40 hours per week for 8 full months prior to the course. The first 16 hours/week covers the student’s room and board and the remaining hours pay for their entire tuition.


Room & Board

All students living on campus work 20 hours per week. 16 hours go to room and board; and 4 hours go towards program expenses.

All students are required to pay a $200 deposit for room and board.


Materials, Textbooks and syllabi are an additional cost of about $250 and are available from the campus book store on a cash only basis.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition refund would be given on the following basis: within 30 days of course begin: 50%. After 30 days, there is no refund.


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