Wildwood Express Course

Do you want to learn how to reach others through the health message, but don’t feel called to take the six-month course? Take the Wildwood Express course! We come to your church and teach you all the essentials for however short or long you’d like. It can be as short as a Sabbath afternoon or as long as a one-week intensive with classes every evening.

What Will You Learn

You can choose three different training tracks:

  1. Health Evangelism
  2. Natural Remedies
  3. Lifestyle Medicine

If you’d like to learn more after all, we offer the Health Evangelism course online (both in English and Spanish) with access for one year to finish it. An option to pay for extension is available.


Who Can Take the Wildwood Express Course?

The Express course is designed for churches specifically. These can be of any size and denomination. We hope to see every congregation work actively in their community, using health evangelism as one of their tools for witnessing.

How Much Does the Wildwood Express Course Cost?

We ask that the church requesting a course covers the costs of travel, and provides the team with food and lodging (or covers those costs as well). We offer these courses voluntarily, but a donation of $500 dollars is suggested.

How Can I Get Wildwood to Teach a Course At My Church?

You can request a Wildwood Express course by calling Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism at 706-419-0030 or by filling out the form below.

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