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Express courses

What are our express courses?

At Wildwood we seek to offer the best in medical missionary training to as many church members as possible. To better reach this goal we have created short term training courses that fit the schedule of the average adventist lay person.

How long are these training courses?

It all depends on your group. We have designed our Express Courses to best fit your church’s needs and schedule by being as short as a Sabbath afternoon program to as long as a one week evening intensive.

What do the courses entail?

We have sought to develop the most practical health evangelism courses possible delivered in the shortest amount of time. In order to maximize the quality of the participant’s learning experience in the many elements of health evangelism we have developed three separate training tracks: Health Evangelism, Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Medicine.

Bring Wildwood Lifestyle Center Representatives to your area and give church members the right knowledge and tools to revitalize their health and lives!


Who can get theses courses?

Our Express courses are designed for congregations of every size. It is our vision to see every congregation actively working in their community using every medium possible to reaching local needs (this includes health). We would also love to every church member involved in some phase of community health work. So if you’re looking at making your local church a powerful tool in it’s community these courses are for you.

How much does it cost?

The only charge we have for the courses is a suggested donation of $500 and the cost for the travel, food and lodging of the team conducting the program.

How do I get one at my church?

Just contact our office at 706-419-0030 and ask for the Church Education coordinator! You may also email Evan Fox at evan@wildwoodhealth.org and he will work out the specific details of your church’s next training.

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