Health Evangelism

The Health Evangelism Course is an intensive six-month program designed to give individuals the competencies needed to create and develop evangelism programs with a deep understanding of the Gospel and God’s methods of healing. This course lays a solid foundation in medical missionary work, needed for effective labor in the Lord’s vineyard.


  • Serve as a Health Evangelist for a local church
  • Serve with any LIGHT ministry or other mission organization around the world 
  • Serve as a teacher in medical missionary schools
  • Serve as a Christian Health Educator in your community


  • If you are in your teenage years, you need to have completed your secondary education before coming to study at Wildwood.
  • For applicants living in the U.S., the minimum age is 17 years old. For overseas applicants, the minimum age is 18. Any exception needs to be approved by the Education Comittee.
  • The applicant must be well familiarized with the English language.
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Upcoming Sessions

  • Spring Session 2018: January 8th, 2018
    (Application deadline: Sept. 1)
  • One month mission trip (optional) after each course,
    anywhere in the world (depending on the needs).



Health Evangelism


  • Learn how to do conversational/friendship evangelism and Bible studies
  • Learn how to live better through the Christian principles
  • Learn how to identify God’s will for your life
  • Learn how to be a thinker and a good administrator for God.
  • Learn how to present the gospel, prophecies and doctrines in a practical way.
  • And more…
  • Learn how to do evangelism in an institutional, personal and public way
  • Learn how to set up your church with a community wellness club as a health evangelism tool
  • Learn how to do and organize a Health Expo
  • Learn how to cook more than 20 recipes and substitute recipes
  • Learn how to conduct cooking schools.
  • Learn how to give professional health talks
  • Learn how to help the community with mental health programs
  • Learn how to do the 12 basic hydrotherapy treatments
  • Learn how to do swedish massage
  • Learn how to provide first aid, CPR and basic nursing in any mission field scenario
  • Learn how to use the Principles of Health and Healing (NEWSTART)
  • Learn how to explain the human body’s systems in detail through Physiology
  • Learn how to apply the science of Nutrition in proper diets.
  • Learn how to deal with more than 25 chronic and common diseases with lifestyle medicine.
  • Learn how to analyze and utilize herbs.


Health Classes

Biblical Nutrition

Includes the study of physiological requirements of the body and the functions of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and the major vitamins and minerals. It also deals with deficiencies that may be found in a vegetarian diet and how these may be avoided. When to use supplements, and how to achieve a good nutritionally balanced diet are also studied.

Disease and Treatment

Overview of different diseases prevalent in society today — their causes, cures, and prevention. Diseases covered include AIDS, coronary artery disease, diabetes, circulatory disorders, arthritis, gastritis, and cancer.


Learn how to plant, care for, and harvest organic foods.

Herbs I & II

Insight into the use of natural herbs as preventatives and cures for various ailments, from the common cold to serious disorders. You will learn the preparation of herbs and personal hygiene items such as natural toothpaste, soap, ointment, etc.


A physiological and practical approach to the understanding and use of simple water treatments that will prevent and treat disease. Students are provided with a practical knowledge of specific treatments, contraindications, and equipment used in hydrotherapy treatments.

Lifestyle Physiology

Overview of the various systems of the body — how they work, what hinders them, and what increases their health and efficiency. The aim is to give each student an appreciation for the creative power and wisdom of God, and a basic working knowledge of the human body.


A practical class in the ancient art of therapeutic massage, and its healthful effect on the body. In this course students receive instruction on how to apply the foundational Swedish massage modality. Such techniques include effleurage, gliding, stretching, jostling, shaking, rocking, petrissage, kneading, compression, frictions, tapotement, percussion and vibration.

Mental Health

Prepare to give Christian counseling through studying a Christian perspective of psychology and the health mechanism of the mind. Learn effective interpersonal communication and how to resolve conflicts. Emphasis is on forgiveness, depression, and disorders resulting from malfunction of the brain.

Mission Medicine

Theory and lab on basic patient care in the home setting or mission field. Learn about vital signs, how to handle emergency situations, basic suture, injections, IV setup, wound care, cleanliness, medications vs. herbs, and infection control.

Bible Classes

Adventist Beliefs

In this class we will briefly review the core fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and you’ll be able to show from the Bible our identity as a people.


A careful study of the prophetic books Daniel & Revelation, their fulfillment in history, with special emphasis on the prophetic heritage which stands behind the origin and purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist church. This class explores the prophecies that relate to current and soon coming events, and draws out lessons from this book that help us to be ready for these last days.

Last-day Events

A study of the prophecies that relate to the end of time.

Sanctuary Studies

The importance and uniqueness of the Sanctuary Message to the SDA church. Includes study on the role of Christ in the Sanctuary and how it applies to Christian life today.

Principle Classes

Christian Administration

How does a Christian leader lead? How different is Christian Administration from the secular methods? Is it effective? These and other questions will be covered in this class.

Christian Home

A thorough discussion of the principled guidelines as revealed in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy regarding steps toward courtship, marriage, and a happy home.

Christian Living

This class uses the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy to reveal God’s plan for a happy growing walk with Him, and exposes the devices that Satan uses to weaken God’s people especially in these last days. Practical topics for study and discussion include: the prayer life, how to know God’s will, recreation, social life, music & worship, diet, dress, and stewardship.

God’s Healing Program

This class surveys God’s original plan for mankind, how sin corrupted it, and the heavenly plan for restoration of body, mind, and spirit. Included will be distinguishing between true and false remedies from both revelation and science.

Ministry of Healing (Morning Devotionals)

Study the life of the great Physician as He mingled among men. Learn His methods of soul-winning as recorded in that beautiful masterpiece by Ellen White, “The Ministry of Healing.” Through a textual study of this book, learn to use the right arm of the gospel to reach all classes of people.

Prophetic Guidance

An investigation on the role of the gift of prophecy as culminated in the life and ministry of Ellen G. White. Emphasis will be given to her role in the development of the SDA church, and the miracles that testify to her work.

Self-supporting Work

Study the comprehensive blueprint of our calling as individuals and as a remnant people of how to strategically finish the work of God on this earth in this generation, and what the real understanding is of every church member being called to be a (medical) missionary.

True Education

Discuss God’s plan of education, see its preservation throughout history and contrast it with the world’s system of education. Discover the dynamic relationship of education and redemption, while illustrating means by which Christian principles may pervade every facet of education.

Health-evangelism Classes

Health Talks

How to prepare brief health talks, and present them in a way that will be interesting and informative to the public. Each student will give two short talks with visual aid, and present the last one for teenagers in the public school system.

Health Evangelism

Learn the role of the health message as an entering wedge for public and personal evangelism, endeavoring to pattern after Christ’s method of reaching souls. Practicum includes helping in several health expos.

Health Expo

Learn how to conduct a Health Expo using the eight laws of health. A health expo is a practical yet effective tool to reach out communities. It provides health & Biblical education in order to increase quality of life and prevent diseases that are directly connected to lifestyle choices.

Vegetarian Cooking Theory & Lab

Explore food combining, menu planning, vegetarian cooking, and the presentation of these to the public.

L.I.G.H.T. Training

Learn about the L.I.G.H.T. program and how to conduct a L.I.G.H.T. training.



The cost for the six-month Health Evangelism course is of $3400. Upon acceptance, students are required to send a deposit of at least 10% of tuition ($340); the balance must be paid upon arrival.


Missionary Volunteer Program

A limited number of students are regularly accepted through the Missionary Volunteer Program (formerly called the Work Scholarship Program). Upon acceptance, Missionary Volunteers (MVs) are required to pay all the deposits mentioned in this section. MVs volunteer 40 hours per week gaining valuable experience and assisting the ministry for 6 full months prior to the regular 6-month course. The first 16 hours cover their room and board expenses, and the remaining hours can be counted towards eligibility to participate in the Health Evangelism Program. After volunteering for the required number of hours, an MV can participate in the regular 6-month Health Evangelism Program.  More details are available.


Room & Board

For students attending the Health Evangelism Program, room and board expenses are covered partially by volunteer work hours. While doing the Missionary Volunteer Program, all these expenses will be covered with volunteer work hours. However, the Institution requires a refundable $200 room and board deposit, which must be paid upon acceptance to the course. This fee covers any expense related to school property damage the student may incur. 

Evangelism Fee

There is a $200 evangelism fee, which must be paid upon acceptance to the course.

Text Books

Materials, Textbooks and syllabi are an additional cost of about $250 and are available from the campus book store on a cash only basis.

Tuition Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable. Partial tuition refunds (of up to 50%) may be applicable within the first 30 days of the program; refunds will not be available after the first 30 days of the program.


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