“What am I supposed to do?” Those thoughts ran through my mind back in early 2017. I had just decided to drop out of college—feeling compelled by God to do so—and had no idea where He wanted me next.

I was hoping to find something to do online, so that I could continue working as a canvasser. Through God’s guidance my canvas work actually became something that I would do full time. Studying online was next on my list. As I was trying to find a school that allowed online learning, Wildwood popped up in my mind, since a friend who had studied there had brought it up a week or two before, so I looked it up.

Straight away I noticed the option to study Health Evangelism online. Being from a different country though I wondered if this was only an option for US students who live far away from Wildwood’s campus, or if this was also for people living abroad. Being a bit unsure, I let it go.

A week or so later I still hadn’t found any other online courses that interested me, so I went back to Wildwood’s website to see if I could find any more information. As soon as I got on, I noticed that the text had changed. Now it said: “Study anywhere in the world.” That was it. I believed that this was God’s will for me. I applied and soon my studies began.

The course was wonderful. I had never heard of science being taught in a way that aligned so beautifully with the Bible. Coming from a public high school in Australia, this is unheard of. The understanding of how beautifully God created us got cemented in my mind, never to be forgotten.

I was able to apply things that I was learning in my classes to various circumstances I found myself in in Australia, especially while canvassing. I still love discussing prophecy with people I meet when I knock on doors.

Last summer year I was also able to finally spend some time on Wildwood’s campus during the course’s intensive week. The entire week of training in hydrotherapy and massage was both spiritually and mentally uplifting. The campus is situated in Georgia in a beautiful natural area. There were plenty of places for me where I could relax in nature with my Bible in hand, spending time with God.

I can definitely say that each class has helped me become better equipped for my work in Australia, which is exactly what I was looking for. God knows where we are meant to be. Stepping out in faith and doing what He calls us to do is something we’ll never regret.