Part of coming to Wildwood is knowing that there is an option to go on a mission trip abroad, if the student has a good record. Ever since I got accepted to Wildwood, I looked forward to that possibility. From day one I tried to do my best in class, all of which prepared me for the mission field I would someday set foot upon.

There were so many things to learn in the Health Evangelism course. Some subjects were more difficult than others. Take Health Talks for example. One of the things we learn there is public speaking. The thought of speaking in front of an audience is nerve-racking to me, but that is the core of the work we would do on a mission trip; teach classes. When it was my turn to speak up front in class, I would stutter, make no eye-contact with the audience, and forget my lines. But with much practice I was able to improve. The Health Talks class has helped me to focus on and understand my weakness, and work on that. It has also grown my confidence, where now I feel much more comfortable to talk in front of an audience.

This training was definitely necessary, because a couple of weeks ago I got accepted to join the team of students and teachers that will go on a month-long mission trip to Kazakhstan after graduation. I’m expecting it to be a great challenge. No one in this group has ever been to this country before, and I’m expecting plenty of obstacles. One experience is sure: God will be with me as I teach health evangelism and talk in front of an audience. I can’t wait to experience what it’s like to do the work of a true missionary.a