“You’re not Korean anymore, your skin color is almost the same as mine now.” I heard this a lot lately. I volunteer at the farm in the mornings as part of the Lifestyle Coaching course. It has changed me. Obviously my skin color is darker, but that is not the only effect the farm has had on me. I’m a new man both on the inside and out.

After I took the six-month Health Evangelism course, I looked at myself and noticed that not much had changed inside of me, though change is what I needed. I thought that maybe working in a natural environment would help me grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. So I decided to volunteer at the farm as I took the Lifestyle Coaching course.

It definitely wasn’t easy. I complained about my job, regretting that I wanted to volunteer there. But I did not give up. We can’t always do what we like the most. I endured, and instead of complaining I decided to see what lessons I could learn from being at the farm. There’s three that have stuck with me:

  1. Itchiness from mosquito bites and picking okra teaches you endurance.
  2. Angry wasps that threaten to sting you teaches you the importance of prayer.
  3. Love your body.

I believe that God led me to work at the farm to teach me these three precious life principles. I look forward to seeing hat God has in store for me tomorrow. I hope it’s not weeding though.