Growing up on Wildwood’s campus—being what we call a Wildwood kid (the son or daughter of a worker)—I never thought of taking the Health Evangelism course. Because I was exposed to the health message from an early age, I thought that I knew everything already, and that taking the course would be a waste of my time. I was wrong.

As time went on though my older sister decided to take the course, and through hearing of her experience I found out that even if  I already knew most of the things that are taught, I lacked practical experience. So after I graduated from high school, I decided to take the course. I have no regrets.

Taking the course was my highlight of the year. It was a wonderful experience and definitely a big blessing. I learned many new things, made some wonderful friends—who in the end became like family—and gained practical experience. Having known the teachers already, I knew I would enjoy the classes, which I did. The classes had a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical training, which made it a lot less overwhelming.

Having learned most of the basics from my family while I was growing up  and living in a environment like Wildwood, I thought that everyone knew what hydrotherapy was, and had at least a basic knowledge of natural remedies. But as I went on outreach and the domestic mission trip, I learned that many people don’t know anything about these simple remedies they could easily apply in their own homes. The knowledge I thought was basic and often took for granted, others were longing for.

One of the main lessons that I have learned through my experience here at Wildwood is that helping people in need, sharing the knowledge that I have, and serving others unselfishly, is what brings true happiness.