Ever since I was 15, I knew that I wanted to work for the Lord as a missionary, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to get there. When my sister told me that she was going to attend a small medical missionary school in Georgia, God put a desire in my heart to go as well. My plan was to come right after I would graduate from high school.

I came to Wildwood as a Missionary Volunteer, which means that you volunteer in any department at Wildwood Health Institute for six months prior to the course, to waive the tuition fee. As I was partaking in that program, I heard that the Health Evangelism course isn’t the only one the Center for Health Evangelism offers. There are also two one-year advanced courses: Ministry Management and Lifestyle Coaching. I immediately fell in love with the latter. I knew from the start that that’s the one I was going to take after I would graduate from Health Evangelism. The Ministry Management course was simply not my preference, because I am someone who wants to help a ministry more so than to develop my own.

I also decided to take the Lifestyle Coaching course because I want to work in a lifestyle center. I want to be able to show those in need the natural way to health and healing. I have a passion for motivating people to better their health—to improve their lifestyle—and I want to be there as they experience these changes. It is not I who is helping them overcome, but the greatest lifestyle coach who ever lived: Jesus Christ. Only He can do all of this, and I am willing to learn Jesus’ method, so that I too may become a lifestyle coach at a lifestyle center for Him.