There is something truly special about worshipping with fellow believers in church on Sabbath. I realized that not too long ago when I went to school in Dublin, Ireland. Many of my fellow students from all over the world became my friends, but unfortunately did not share the same beliefs as I had. Because of that, fellowship on Sabbath became more important to me than ever before.

About two weeks ago I had the privilege to spend all day in creation on God’s holy day. And not only that, I was able to spend it in the presence of some great friends I met at Wildwood. They are people who find joy in serving Christ, and seek to spend quality time with Him during the week, and especially on the Sabbath.

There, in nature, we were able to sing, pray, study the Bible, and have a nice lunch together. We also reflected on our personal walks with Christ, which was such a blessing. I wouldn’t want to have missed out for anything.

I believe that God led me to these amazing friends, because they all have so many different things that they can teach me and help me grow with. Ellen White calls nature God’s second lesson book (the Bible being the first). On that particular Sabbath He used both nature and my friends to teach me all kinds of good lessons. I praise God for his goodness toward me that He showed me on that day. And let’s not forget His wonderful works of creation that He blessed mankind with.